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Papageorge's is the longest lasting Papa’s Family restaurant club business. It started in 1981 and claims the title of the first true American fast food restaurant in the city of Athens. A true pioneer, Papa George’s introduced the Athenians into the likes of the burgers culture and never stopped to surprise them; whether it is the food, the decoration, or the music, Papa George's is the place that inspired many generations and led the Papa’s family to their Cariocas future, and beyond.

In 1988 the place moved only a couple of yards away from where it was first located, to the same location that still operates, until today.
Papa George’s was always a real time pilot for the Papa’s businesses. Never afraid to experiment, the Papa George's has changed so many styles of business but never lost its authenticity and the true Papa’s spirit ever since.

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From a French/NY style retro cafe in the 80s, to a multi level night club in the 90s, or even a traditional pub in the early 00’s, today Papageorge is recognised as one of the top all day sports bar clubs, while offering some of the best Tex Mex recipes you can find in town. It’s worth to mention Papa George's was the first cafe in Athens with a DJ booth equipped with MK2s behind its bar.

The team that worked in Papa George's in the late 90's were the same people that painted their faces with the Cariocas letters, a series of photos to become the first Cariocas door sign ever. The same people operated the Cariocas club during its first years, a tradition that still goes on, as all people working at Papa George’s pass by the Cariocas to work and have fun every summertime.


Unfortunately Papa George's caught a fire back in the day, that destroyed almost the whole of valuable historical documents (photos, videos and a rare vinyl collection from its early decades). With a true passion for life, Papa George's rejuvenated from its ashes within 3 months and still operates until today, serving also as the headquarters for Cariocas, Odyssia and Under the Sun Rock Festival projects. It is that unique vibe that can be found in Papa George's that still inspires the family focusing to their next step of business expansion. 

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